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Cort Frank Gambale Luxe Body
Cort Frank Gambale Luxe Ebony Bridge Detail
Cort Frank Gabale Luxe Cutaway
Pickup detail & Art Deco inlay Cort Frank Gambale

Due to some stock moving incredibly quickly, and time constraints, we have decided to list new items that may be of interest, if you are keen on knowing more email the shop or text to 0411 102 625 and we'll forward more details and pictures directly to your device.

Thanks to all who bought guitars from at last weekends Melbourne Guitar Show, thanks to all who came and looked, played, strummed and t us. Thanks also to Rob Walker and his team from the AMA whom made the weekend a considerable succes.

SOLD another coming. Cort Frank Gambale Luxe, set with ultra low action and 10-47 strings with a plain G! this guitar is perfect for the fast jazz fusion player, or for an older guitarist who is having trouble with the stiffer strings on a regular guitar acoustic. Having turned 60 myself recently I know where this legendary Aussie guitarist is coming from! Exquisitely made from all solid Otway ranges Blackwood and Adirondack Spruce, this guitar is a stunner, $1795 including deluxe case, all the staff and guitar teachers are wanting one. Suits electric players, gypsy Jazz players, classical players (it's a classical size body) and regular acoustic players. SOLD Another one on way - we'll have some at the Guitar Show - come and see. SOLD next one oderered
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1925 Circa Washburn / Oscar Scmidt; fully restored by Ian Watchorn about 10-12 years ago. Beautiful old "parlour' style guitar that looks and sounds great, the workmanship is exquisite, and considerably above Stella's and the like from the same period. Reasonably priced 20th Century classic.

Fender Strat Electric 12 String 2007 CIJ Japanese Made, great opportunity as these are scarce, 12 saddle bridge and Strat pickups with 5 way switch, make it possibly the nicest, most accurate sounding electric 12 ever. Only ever two runs of these, one in about 1997 the other 10 years later.

1975 Takamine F370. The oldest Jap Takamine we've had for a while. This is all laminated timber copy of the Martin D28 and possibly the guitar that started the whole 'lawsuit' era. All fixed up and now 41 years old it's a good buy and at $595

2012 Fender Telecaster Rosewood fingerboard, Candy Apple Red finish NOS from a middle eastern guitar store

1973 Martin D12 28, Martin D28 tone in a twelve string - what is there not to like??

Morgan Mahgany Concert; less than 100 made each year from this Canadian maker. We now have four different models in stock and for pure clear tone these are hard to beat. If D is too large and 000 too small, the Concert could be your perfect guitar. 000 and 00 and now OM models in stock too. This new Mahogany Concert is remarkable in tone, volume and projection, I'd say it is one of the most perfectly rounded guitars we have ever had. Looks amazing with a little bear claw figure on the spruce top, understated elegance personified and even a simple C-G chord figure sounds like a choir of angels. This is our third Concert Morgan, and possibly the best so far.

1966 Martin GT70 Hollowbody - twin De Armonds - YES - a Martin electric hollowbody - Gretsch like in sound and a funky look. Very Rare - possibly the ponly one in the Southern Hemisphere

We have in stock the latest Cort Signature model - Matt Bellamy of Muse, designed by Matt and Andy Manson of Manson Guitars Exeter UK. These are in limited supply and available for a short while only. $1195. One only left - not sure if we can source any more. SOLD

Fender Japan Dreadnought F65 1976 in fantastic condition and Grover heads fitted with hard case - 40 years old, not common, especially in this condition.

2006 Paul Reed Smith SC 250 10 Top with Birds - now discontinued and a great opportunity. This one is a gem and has all the attributes of this legendary US maker, awesome. $3995

Rickenbacker 330 12st in Jetglow - this one is a perfect specimen in every respect. $3300

1979 Fender Strat all original one owner - black with maple neck original Victoria Case Co case - not one those 'orrible plastic efforts. Very good example, professional refret with nice jumbo frets, vibrato arm is not working due to stripped threads, can be fixed and retapped if desired. We've set it up like a hardtail. Looks like the Edges Strat ( Dave Evans U2 ). Sounds chimey and bright like a great Strat should, SOLD

1956 Fender Strat Vintage RI - 2015 - in Coral Pink - nice Strat and unusual and rare colour.

1956 Fender Strat Vintage RI - 2000 Custom Shop - Black with gorgeous flamed maple neck.

Boss DS1 original Japanese made. Probably 1979 VGC

Fender Super 6 ~ Calling all bouzouki players; we have in stock an original 1975 Fender Super Six amplifier for sale, considered to be THE amp for the electric bouzouki - and has a spare channel for another player or for an electric guitar. Six 10" speakers, fully serviced by Tim Evans, original casters for mobility. Very uncommon, would suit surf guitarist too. New footswitch provided, and tested and tagged, sounds unreal, the six 10" speakers really add a massive amount of bottom end and having the controls so high mean finessing the sound on the fly is a breeze. Casters fitted on the side makes it quite easy to move around and it's not massively heavy, an amp for the ages!

Fender Twin Reverb - 1975 also - silver face, freshly serviced by TR Evans, and on castors, makes a difference, believe us. Great condition

SECOND HAND ACOUSTICS ~ We have a good array of pre-loved classical and flat top steel string guitars at present, including Guild, Maton, Martin, Tanglewood, Epiphone, Epiphone Masterbilt, Takamine Dragon, Fender F65, 1982 Diaon MIJ and two blue Art & Lutherie Canadian made beauties. Our best selling new brand is Cort and we always have a decent array of their acoustics including the phenomenonal Earth Grande BW - solid spruce top and beautiful Otway Ranges Blackwood back & sides. See above photo, third shot down.

Handmade Canadian's

We are now selling Morgan guitars, hand made by David Iaonne in Vancouver, Canada, these all solid guitars are remarkable instruments and every single person who has played one cannot believe the tone, volume and resonance of these exquisite guitars. We have four in stock at the moment Concert, OO and OOO and OM Prices around 4 - 6K and worth every dollar! In case you are wondering the guitars are named after David's eldest son, Morgan. If you seek a high end guitar that is not a factory made instrument that allows your own playing pernsonality to come through then come in and try oue, the Concert model is a guitar for the ages, two have been sold expressly for recording purposes and this currents one is really a remarkable instrument, a veritable Steinway in guitar form.

Before and after - Tip of the Month

One of the mothers who come by the shop dropping off and picking up her boys for guitar lessons, is a very keen photographer and spotted me fixing up a dilapidated old Lap Steel (coming to the website you are currently viewing very soon) and asked if she could take some shots as she was keen to follow its restoration. So she did and we will post the results soon, in the meantime here is a before and after of a fret dress I did recently on a clients mandolin. This a pretty extreme example but all fretted instruments wear at varying degrees. To have your frets even and correctly crowned can do wonders for your intonation, string longevity and playability all round . Also observe closely your fingerboard, if there are pits and troughs adjacent to where you fret your favourite chord shapes you may find that your nails are too long and they dig into the wood - it doesn't take long with softer woods - but can even mar ebony. Take the time to clean your hands and keep your nails on your left hand short - your instrument, your strings and your bandmates or musical partners will thank you for it! A full fret dress - including servicing the guitar and all adjustments, truss rod, intonation body and neck clean together with lubricating any mechanical parts and feeding the fingerboard with some citrus or cedar oil will cost around $160 - $175 inc strings and case clean ! Form an orderly queue here!

What's the connection ?

Here is the vehicle in which you may cadge a ride home from our local bar - The Hobson Stores - known locally as Hobsons - gold coin donation or similar - an authentic London Taxi cab. In front is a replica of Ronnie Woods Zemaitis disc front made by Greco. We are doing car themed photos to show off some interesting axes, together with complimentary cars that are around our locale. That's a shot of Woody playing his in the Faces - used it a lot in the Stones too. Connection is that the cab and the guitar are from the Rock capital of the world - London. Well the Greco is a very good copy of a London designed guitar - namely Zemaitis Tony Zemaitis was a luthier to the stars - literally ; his clientele included Ronnie Wood, Ronnie Lane, George Harrison, Marc Bolan, brothers Robinson (Black Crowes), Donovan Leitch, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. Tony worked out of a fairly modest workshop in Chatham, Kent, a place in which my father ,was working in the nineties, and whilst visiting my dad I also was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Tony. Many stories were told and although he kindly offered to make me a guitar, even drawing around my hand in order to facilitate bespoke neck carving, I had to decline owing to not having as deep pockets as his afore mentioned clientele !! We have a genuine example of his work for sale, interested parties should contact the store, details will be posted shortly.

Fast guitar - fast car

SOLD We borrowed our neighbours Lamborghini to show off this magnificent Ibanez neck thru RG style axe. It's a 2009 RGT 42 DXFM and a mighty fine piece of kit it is - expertly set up by a Ballarat luthier and in as new condition this a great example of the genre and at $795 in case it represents great buying, and yes I have driven the Lambo (thanks Vic) and it is very exhilarating ! SOLD

Lefties Galore


No we have not got the photos back to front!! Guitars Plus has an unusually large range of left handed guitars - about twenty all together - including these three beauties; l-r , Parker Fly, Edwards Les Paul and Epiphone Korina Explorer. They are all in beautiful pre loved condition and all ready to play. More details on request, but there are, as well as the ones pictured, two Tokai Japanese Les Paul's, four Strats, several acoustics and a Line 6 Variax. Don't ring about Telecasters guys 'cos there is none!!

Les Pauls @ Guitars Plus

From Left to right, Jimmy Page Gibson,, Edwards Les Paul from Japan, and a very cool Dark Fire that the shop has recently sold. Always let us know if you seek something special - you'd be amazed at the amount of guitars the store sells that never go on our site.


Guitars Plus is 33 years this year and are now into our 34th year of guitar selling. (8th November 1982 we opened as Musical Repair & Trading Co.) Chris Voce and Ross Nicol along with Ray Luckhurst a friend of Chris's also from London, started it all up and changed the name in about 1991 to Guitars Plus. Arriva Derci Ross - who has returned to his native New Zealand. This is a shot of Chris playing his Edwards Strat (an Eric Clapton Blackie copy) at a Two Dogs gig. Chris and Ross played in the Davey Bros band back in the eighties when this business was established, and Chris continues to gig around the Bayside area today, together with John Benfield, John worked for Roland in the 1980s and was the first rep to visit our store. I can't remember the first guitar we sold, but I can remember the first Gibson - a 1975 Les Paul Special, and the first Fender was a 1968 Candy Apple Red Strat. Thanks to all our many local - and not so local - regular clients and customers, and there isn't a day goes by without meeting a new customer, with a guitar problem, or to come and buy one. We have three generations of customers in the one family around this neck of the woods 33 years is a long time, so our appreciation goes out to all of you. Thanks too to all our many suppliers over the years, especially Sid West, Lamberti Brothers, Jade Sound and Maton Guitars, and also to past employees - too many to name but stand out contributions from Paul Howett, Ray Luckurst, Dan's Hobson, Zylinski, and Hawley and Neale Farnelle Thanks to one and all,

Coated Strings In Stock

Our store has good supplies of the new breed of coated guitar stings in stock, both Elixir and D'Addario. Remarkable performance with massive longevity. Come in today and have them fitted to your favourite guitar. These strings have been in short supply around Melbourne, but we are pleased to report the shop has plenty of stock for counter sales and workshop supplies.


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