Good Big Muff style distortion.

69.00 AUD

Great vibes from these classic old stompers!

99.00 AUD

Jap made seven band in good shape, use it as a clean signal boost as well as a precise tone control.

150.00 AUD

New price has dropped which means used price is gone too! Worlds most poular stomp distortion!

120.00 AUD

The overdrive in a pedal really started with these legendary pedals - still going today in various forms. This is the early eighties model - with an added tone control - earlier ones had just the two knobs. Japanese made.

135.00 AUD

Glorious sounding all American stomper!

99.00 AUD

This handy little black box was a leader in its feild back in the day! Still delivers today for a clean boost in volume. USA made.

99.00 AUD

Yes this is the legendary one, a repro of the 1970s Big Muff with modern convenience - pilot light and battery access. NOW $149. Also available in myriad other versions, Nano-Muff is new @ $79.
Russian version has been discontinued. - the USA made classic model has dropped price to make...

149.00 AUD

Classic re-issue that has all the great analogue echo sounds from the seventies

649.00 AUD


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