Good Big Muff style distortion.

69.00 AUD

New price has dropped which means used price is gone too! Worlds most poular stomp distortion!

120.00 AUD

Glorious sounding all American stomper!

99.00 AUD

This handy little black box was a leader in its feild back in the day! Still delivers today for a clean boost in volume. USA made.

99.00 AUD

Yes this is the legendary one, a repro of the 1970s Big Muff with modern convenience - pilot light and battery access. NOW $149. Also available in myriad other versions, Nano-Muff is new @ $79.
Russian version has been discontinued. - the USA made classic model has dropped price to make...

149.00 AUD

Classic re-issue that has all the great analogue echo sounds from the seventies

649.00 AUD

New model, replces the old Holy Grail. This one has three settings and one is a dead set Fender / Hammond spring reverb tone. This is main reason why these are bought. Perfect for a Vox AC30 or a non reverb Marshall. Power supply included.

249.00 AUD

awsesome and curious tones combined make for unreal experiments in sonic animation!

569.00 AUD

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