Fender Hot Rod deVille 2 x 12

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Hot Rod deVille 2 x12
Black / Silver grille
1997 (?)

SOLD - now in stock however, are two of this model in the 4 x 10 Hot Rod Version.Both in great condition, one Mex and one USA, watch this space.
One owner - cover - footswitch and manual, USA made - almost like new. these amps are becoming the backbone of blues rock cover and cover bands, this all American - they are all made in Mexico these last few years. This amp has done precisely one live show, rest home use only. There is another one on the way, a 4x12 version. See Donkey on the Edge, Two Dogs or Russell Robertsons band to see these amps in action, they are easy to use and the three stage clean to hi gain gives you virtually any rock, blues 0r even jazz sounds - usual Fender spring reverb. We are asking a fair price for this one, but if you are close we'll listen. They always cause plenty of interest when they do turn up and the USA made ones are becoming harder to find. SOLD

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