There has been another rash of guitars stolen around our area - house burglaries mostly so please be wary of any guitars offred by people whom clearly know nothing about the instruments they are trying to unload! And can we just remind you about my own personal STOLEN GUITAR see below. $2000 REWARD for its return, no questions asked, $4000 REWARD if the person or persons are charged. This guitar is irreplaceable and also unsellable, so I WOULD LIKE IT BACK. Any information will be greatly appreciated and treated in confidence.
REAL GUITARS in Ashburton have had a Red Music Man bass - Stingray stolen recently - no case. Robert Mitchell our luthier and Mr Fixit has had nine guitars stolen in a burglary - including a Martin 00028, a John Suhr Custom Strat and a Fender Strat DeLuxe with John Suhr pickups, a left handed Strat in silver, a red Vesta Telecaster and a Torch 335 Gibson style in brown. A full list will be posted shortly, but can we ask all you guitar hunters out there to keep an eye out for any of the items listed here.

Joel from Airborne dropped in and after an hour or so perusing various Tele style guitars,purchased our Nash Esquire. The band were recording in Melbourne, and apparently are playing between 6pm and 6am to correspond with the Canadian time

As the new year rolls along we'd like to draw your attention to our new line of 'Vintage' guitars. We have always endeavoured to bring you the best in genuine, old and vintage guitars, however these are becoming harder to source and increasingly higher priced.

There are a lot of fakes going for sale around town at the moment, many are quite clever and can fool the inexperienced; don't forget if it seems to good to be true it most probably is!


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