2nd Hand

Our best selling bass since it was released in February 2005. 30" scale makes it suitable for young people, females and home recording guitarists. Case options are easy as it will fit in a standard gig bag or case. Both colours generally in stock. Single modern style pick - up with volume and...

399.00 AUD

Very nice Jazzer from the 1980s made in Japan to very high standards. It has an adjustable L5 style tailpiece and a very slim neck. Set up beautifully with flatwounds. Very good alternative to a 175 and can hold its own with any jazz guitar. These are quite rare and highly regarded worldwide -...

Great vibes from these classic old stompers!

99.00 AUD

Jap made seven band in good shape, use it as a clean signal boost as well as a precise tone control.

150.00 AUD

New price has dropped which means used price is gone too! Worlds most poular stomp distortion!

120.00 AUD

The overdrive in a pedal really started with these legendary pedals - still going today in various forms. This is the early eighties model - with an added tone control - earlier ones had just the two knobs. Japanese made.

135.00 AUD

Burns became Baldwin after the Baldwin Organ Co failed in their bid to take over Fender and ended up buying both Burns and also Gretsch. Although this guitar has undoubtedly seen better days, there is plenty of life in the old bird yet. Recently fitted with three modern Tri-Sonic pickups , with...

1,395.00 AUD

A hsitory of Chet Atkins through his vast guitar collection. Even if you are not a lover of Mr Guitar's music this is a book to be enjoyed by all fans of our favourite instument.

49.95 AUD

Lord only knows how they do it for the price! Not only a solid Cedar top but also a solid mahogany back too. This kind of construction is unique to Cort at this price and this guitar delivers a punch well above it's price point, like most Corts. It is particularly suitable for Engish folk music...

599.00 AUD

Glorious sounding all American stomper!

99.00 AUD


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