Awesome resonator mandolin from South Australian maker Don Morrison.Warning; these babies are LOUD. Beautifully made, soundhole on upper bout, gracefull Art-Deco shape. Handcrafted Aussie excellence!
NB: Demo model only in stock - belongs to owner of business uses it his band - Two Dogs,...

#3 of 50. Perfect Condition virtually as new - a credit to Maton and their craftsmen - one of the tastiest Australian guitars ever made. Truly scrumptious! Maton have done several Anniversary models over the last decade or two, however this one is often considered the top of the tree!

Like to teach yourself guitar? We can thoroughly recommend "Progressive Rhythm Guitar" by Gary Turner and Brenton White. It is a comprehensive, lesson by lesson method covering all aspects of rhythm guitar; with special emphasis on rock styles, rhythm patterns and techniques, playing in a group...

39.95 AUD

An 18 year old arch top that has been completely refurbished at the workshops of Woodtone. Stunning workmanship and two tones can be easily obtained by dint of switching string types; bronzes for a big piano,open flat - top sound, or flatwounds for that warm neck tone favoured by countless jazz...

7,500.00 AUD

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