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Because we always have a number of HawaIian Ukuleles to compare, we are often a bit fussy about the types of modern ukes we hold in stock, and this latest venture from our friends at Cort is a masterpiece. The wood is sourced right here in the Otway ranges, shipped off to the Cort Facility in...

499.00 AUD

Yes this is the legendary one, a repro of the 1970s Big Muff with modern convenience - pilot light and battery access. NOW $149. Also available in myriad other versions, Nano-Muff is new @ $79.
Russian version has been discontinued. - the USA made classic model has dropped price to make...

149.00 AUD

SOLD - now in stock however, are two of this model in the 4 x 10 Hot Rod Version.Both in great condition, one Mex and one USA, watch this space.
One owner - cover - footswitch and manual, USA made - almost like new. these amps are becoming the backbone of blues rock cover and cover bands...

1,995.00 AUD

Slightly smaller, narrower waist and a shorter scale makes this 'Agent Provocateur' the perfect guitar for the fairer sex. Looks to be the same shape and size of a regular Les Paul until you put it side by side. Great tones and playability graceful good looks and simple controls and tailpiece...

2,250.00 AUD

A perennial Guitars Plus favourite, and we generally have at least one in stock sometimes several .

Modeled, loosely after a Louis Panormo 19th Century Ladies Parlour Guitar - now in stock after a long wait. This lovely little cutie is a real joy to play, it has a 24.75" scale neck and although not a 3/4 size neck, the slightly shorter scale is conducive to speedy playing,and is also ideal for...

850.00 AUD

Best Reso Uke on market, two sizes - resonator same size on each - Concert and Tenor, both equally as popular in our store, we have been selling these for two years now and they were the stars of the show at the Gigarre Moosic Muster earlier this year, and yes I'll be taking a few extra units up...

Richly figured Ovangkol is used to make this beauty. You will be enchanted by the elegant look and her dark matured sound. Also available in a dreadnaught cutaway with Fishman pickup.

649.00 AUD

SOLD OUT This amazing stomp box is hand made right here in Melbourne by George Evans Amplifiers - Tim Evans does all our amp repairs and many warranty jobs for our store, and recently offered us this unit which is, whilst not exclusive, available in our store as of now. Hand wired with true...

325.00 AUD

Take a great little soprano uke in either all Koa or mahogany with a solid mahogany top, with pick up and tuner built in and a hard stylish case, throw in a tasty little all wood uke stand - sell the items together and what do you have? A Guitars Plus Ukulele 'this goes with that' all time...

299.00 AUD


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