Our best selling bass since it was released in February 2005. 30" scale makes it suitable for young people, females and home recording guitarists. Case options are easy as it will fit in a standard gig bag or case. Both colours generally in stock. Single modern style pick - up with volume and...

399.00 AUD

Now down to $795, always in stock and always hand selected to have the one with best looking grain in stock. Possibly the best of the current crop of available This one is special, and we hand pick every one we sell of this particular model. Why so you ask? Well first of all they are modeled on...

825.00 AUD

From $99 up to a grand and over these magnificent ukes are capturing the hearts and ears of our clientele. They are remarkable for their craftsmanship and value for money, they all come with a heavy padded gig bag and most are all solid timbers - Mahogany and Koa. Come and try - or order on line...

215.00 AUD

B.B. King

iSong is the only teaching tool that actually syncs to the original recordings of legendary musicians and today's top stars! Each iSong pack includes arrrangements ranging from very simple to note-accurate transcriptions, a performance video, and a virtual fretboard or keyboard...

48.95 AUD

Good Big Muff style distortion.

69.00 AUD

Learn the trademark acoustic guitar riffs and solos behind rock's most influential songwriting duo. An in depth analysis of eight songs.

33.95 AUD

"From Folk to Jazz".
As in his previous lessons, Bob Brozman shows in detail what you have to do to get an authentic blues sound. Working in a variety of major and minor open tunings, Bob covers swing and 'train-time' licks, finger sliding and vibrato, modal chords, rhythmic variations and...

69.95 AUD

"The Guitar Of" features: Rockabilly styles, fingerpicking vs. flatpicking, wild stringbending techniques, slap-echo effects, jazz & swing guitar styles, jazz chord substitutions in blues, whammy bar tricks, special rockabilly chords & rhythm licks, double-stops licks, drop-D tuning, "...

49.95 AUD

"Teachin' the Blues" features: Early influences, 9th chord licks, pick vs. fingerstyle, Elmore James "slide" effects, learning from keyboards for Buddy's famed double-stop licks, country blues fingerpicking styles, turnarounds, special rhythm parts, hot lead blues guitar, tuning the guitar down...

39.95 AUD

Victorian Blackwood B&S and Italian Spruce Top. James Cargill is known throughout inner guitar circles in Victoria for his fine work as a luthier. Restorations and exquisite handmade instruments alike , rest assured if a guitar passes through Cargill's hands, it'll come back as something...

3,900.00 AUD


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