Our best selling bass since it was released in February 2005. 30" scale makes it suitable for young people, females and home recording guitarists. Case options are easy as it will fit in a standard gig bag or case. Both colours generally in stock. Single modern style pick - up with volume and...

399.00 AUD

Now down to $795, always in stock and always hand selected to have the one with best looking grain in stock. Possibly the best of the current crop of available This one is special, and we hand pick every one we sell of this particular model. Why so you ask? Well first of all they are modeled on...

825.00 AUD

From $99 up to a grand and over these magnificent ukes are capturing the hearts and ears of our clientele. They are remarkable for their craftsmanship and value for money, they all come with a heavy padded gig bag and most are all solid timbers - Mahogany and Koa. Come and try - or order on line...

215.00 AUD

Good Big Muff style distortion.

69.00 AUD

Spectacular acoustic guitar featuring blackwood back and sides and a solid sitka spruce top. If you prefer the woods on your guitar to be locally grown, then look no further than the Cort Earth 20. The back and sides use Australian blackwood, grown in the Victorian Otway ranges. These woods give...

599.00 AUD

Another great addition to the Cort Earth series. The Cort Earth Grand, like the Earth 20, boasts local Victorian grown blackwoods on its back and sides. The Earth Grand has beautifully constructed scalloped bracing to highlight the natural timber look of the guitar. This model also comes with a...

This remarkable guitar punches far above its price point and will suit all levels of player. It is a no frills but fantastic sounding guitar with a choice of solid tops, and the $379 asking price includes a remarkable fitted Cort gig bag - it too represents great value - and full pre-delivery...

379.00 AUD

A nice take on the travel guitar phenomenon. Has a solid top and is well put together. Incredibly well priced and we have sold several now to tourists passing through our great town. Also available is the electric version complete with tuner built in. This one is $499 with Bag.

349.00 AUD

Fantastic bass with one MM style pickup style pickup for Chilli Peppers modern style and a Jazz Bass pickup for Classic rock - a la LedZep/Pink Floyd etc. Another winner from the best of the Asian manufacturers and one of our best sellers. Price drop and now available in many other colours. see...

469.00 AUD

Because we always have a number of HawaIian Ukuleles to compare, we are often a bit fussy about the types of modern ukes we hold in stock, and this latest venture from our friends at Cort is a masterpiece. The wood is sourced right here in the Otway ranges, shipped off to the Cort Facility in...

499.00 AUD


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