PRICE: $575

Excellent intermediate level flamenco guitar. Features a solid cedar top with sapele back and sides, complete with Fishman Presy's Plus pickup, this overall impressive guitar is ready to be played live.

Local flamenco rock icons Malcura use the Katoh brand in all their...

This stunning looking classical / electric is remarkable for it's looks and sound, not to mention playability. Thin body with a 'foldback' sound hole in the upper bout - bass side enable the player to hear the sound that you normally wouldn't. It has a Fishman mic/blend system and is possibly...

1,695.00 AUD

New for Guitars Plus, a range of fantastic nylon string guitars many styles and price points all made in the traditional Spanish style. Prices start at a low $199 and there is a 3/4 option at $189, up to the mid $2000s. Solid Spruce & Cedar top options start at $399. All our local guitar...

239.00 AUD

Another pocket rocket from the British Isles. All Laney valve (tube) amps continue to be made in England - the home of tone. Twin EL84s and a 10" Alnico speaker give tone to die for and a great reverb also.
Call for stock/price.

1,099.00 AUD

Backbone of the Laney line - modeled on the Classic Vox AC30 and now available with three speaker configurations and all fitted with Celestion speakers. The one pictured at the right is the VC30 II2 . This is the most popular in the range and really does the job with it's one twelve inch...

1,599.00 AUD

Best Reso Uke on market, two sizes - resonator same size on each - Concert and Tenor, both equally as popular in our store, we have been selling these for two years now and they were the stars of the show at the Gigarre Moosic Muster earlier this year, and yes I'll be taking a few extra units up...

Stunning looks with an exqusite inlay on the back of the body. Not to mention a beautiful tone. The fingerboard on this one is slightly wider, allowing easier access for beginners.

595.00 AUD

The best travel guitar ever? We think so. Massive improvement over the Baby Taylor, great sound and playability from this modern lifestyle guitar. Two models available one with a clever Fishman dual control system so you can plug in at Johno's Blues bar in Cairns or wherever you happen to be! $...

850.00 AUD

These little tackers are taking the world by storm and we've sold these as far away as Italy! Very fast easy action that makes playing a 12st easy on the fingers.
These sell pretty quickly and this one is sold already orders may be placed!

1,199.00 AUD

Mid - priced solid that looks and sound classy. Rugged and dependable like most things Australian.

1,499.00 AUD


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