The owner of this business collects Hawaiian Ukuleles and occasionally lets one go. This one is a beauty and dates from about 1919 - restored to playing order by our workshop and ready to do another 100 years of sterling service, all solid Hawaiian Koa, and really is the true sound of the Uke....

795.00 AUD

Loud and sonorous, all solid mahogany, mainland made - San Francisco - around 1925 and in the workshops of the Schierson Bros. Lovely example of early 20th Century American craftsmanship. Renovated in our workshop. fitted with Worth strings and supplied in a new hardshell case. Beautiful !...

500.00 AUD

Cute old mainland USA made uke from the Schierson Brothers, San Francisco workshops. Restored in our store this nearly 100 year old beauty is a stunner and the tone is superb.

500.00 AUD

In 1966 Martin guitars ( yes THE Martin Guitar CO of Nazareth PA) decided to get into arch top hollow body guitars, in 1968 they got right back out again! This one is a bit like a Gretsch Nahville except this beauty hs De Armond pickups, these have a certain mystique and sound all thier own, the...

3,695.00 AUD

Formed in mid '70s by Ex-Fender employees, Music Man Amps were a high grade brand of amplifier made of all American parts. It's what makes these Amps so highly regarded as they are all very well made with the best parts and don't usually break down. This one is over 30 years old and is still...

1,900.00 AUD

Charming old American Uke ( not Hawaiian ) that we have not been able to identify, it is all solid mahogany with old banjo tuners currently fitted, we may put wooden friction pegs on yet, it looks and sounds wonderful and it has it's original period case also in good condition. Has nice rope...

695.00 AUD

Nice sub species of National. Valco were made in Chicago and were owned by National. Good one pickup lap that has vintage class and tone tone tone! Wrongly designated as a 1960 - it is actually made in 1948 - has 1947 pot codes.

1,250.00 AUD

Japanese high quality solid body in a tele style - seldom seen in this country. It has the hallmarks of a highend - bespoke guitar including; recessed bridge with rear access, three way tilt neck humbucker with sturdy push on push off coil tap, snazzy volume control that is easy accessed for...

1,295.00 AUD


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